Angelia Duncan

Product Manager & UX Designer

Specialized in identifying and empathizing with the underlying user need, I implement user-centric solutions to ensure effective deployment of products that maximize the impact on business objectives and mission.


UX Product Manager & Designer


Conceptual social network platform that creates small groups of users to meet at events they all share in common to increase the user social outings and curate better real-life experiences.

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Product Manager & UX Design

Hunter Fan

Support page optimization to reduce the number of calls to Consumer Support and encourage users to register and review their products, post-purchase.

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UX / UI Consultant

Bluebird Botanicals: eCommerce

With the assistance of Illustria (Digital Branding Agency), Bluebird Botanicals brand evolved to bridge the gap between the freshness of CBD in the main-stream market and the familiarity of living a happy and healthy life. As the UX / UI Subject Matter Expert in the Illustria team, I consulted with Bluebird Web Agency to align the online presence to their new brand messaging and visual identity to create a consistent multi-channel experience.

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Product Manager, UX / UI Design


The CRTKL Travel App is the easiest way for employees to access all the information required to travel to other offices, alleviating stress for the users, and reducing back-and-forth communications with HR.

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