CallisonRTKL Predicts


Research, insight and analysis are behind everything we do at CallisonRTKL. Staying on the cutting edge of current trends also gives us the tools to predict what will happen next. Read on for a fusion of our data-driven reports about the future of design, markets and sectors around the world..


Hotel of the Future

 In CRTKL’s latest digital report, we delve into how the hospitality and design industries are capturing this shift and the dramatic changes that we’ll see in the hotel of the future.


Home of the Future

The way we live is constantly evolving. As technology improves, our expectations change. And where we live—the spaces, neighborhoods, communities, apartments and houses—follow suit.


Mall of the Future

CallisonRTKL has harnessed the power of more than five decades leading the way on design trends to shape our predictions of where the shopping mall and the retail experience are heading for the next 20 years and beyond.