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Dominus (MVP)


The Hotel of the Future is an interactive micro-site created for CallisonRTKL to share research and data-based predictions of what the future holds for hotels, developers, and the hospitality industry. CallisonRTKL are leaders in the architecture world and Hotel of the Future further Reinforce the high-level of expertise and quality work their teams have.


Site High-level Goals:

  • Reach target user and increasing numbers of RFP
  • Increase "forward thinking" perception.
  • Placing CallisonRTKL as experts, trendsetters, and visionaries of the future of the hospitality industry.



Finding an innovative way of displaying information that is interactive and engaging for the target user culminating with the user reaching out to one of the experts to request an RFP.



As lead designer on this project, I was responsible for:

  • Gathering requirements from the VP’s and PM’s of the Hospitality sector
  • Gather user information
  • Designing all wireframes and prototypes working alongside copywriters
  • Defining the visual identity of the site which included animating the website header sections.
  • Conducted lean UX testing.
  • Reiterate on findings.
  • Finalize design assets and gathering UI specs for development.
  • Manage internal clients expectations, developers, and deployment timeline to ensure a successful launch.



New and existing clients for CallisonRTKL.

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Hotel of the Future-01.png

Information Architecture & Flow

The hospitality sector at CallisonRTKL gathered all their research and prediction for the Future of the Hotel focusing on some major questions and topics that where currently shaping their clients’ decisions.

The VP of marketing, the copywriting team and I got together to discuss the flow of information and how to make the information engaging and consumable for our target user.

The final outline:

  1. Introduction: an overview of the past, present, and future.
  2. The Hotel of Yesterday
  3. The Hotel of Today
  4. The Hotel of the Future
  5. Innovative Hospitality Projects
  6. Experts and Contact

Each piece of information included in the site follows a chronological timeline that narrates the development of the hotel from the perspective of past, present, and future.

Webpage color scheme. Purple demonstrates the luxurious aspects that are found in hotels.

Visual Design

The overall aesthetics of the site is a mix of the CallisonRTKL Brand Guideline as well as a reflexion of the luxurious and futuristic aspect that encompasses the hospitality sector.

Color Palette

The dark purple selected for this site rhymes with the CallisonRTKL brand but it keeps unique qualities that make the site work as a stand-alone.

Animated header graphic to introduce "The Hotel of the Future" section.


The font used throughout the site is “FS Elliot”. This font is part of the CallisonRTKL brand guideline.


To illustrate the ideas and concepts for these futuristic hotels we opted to make "line-art" illustration that plays well with the clean and luxurious aspect of the overall site. We enhance the illustrations with animations and interactive pieces to facilitate the consumption of complex ideas.

"The Hotel of the Yesterday" section. 
Interactive diagram demonstrating specific aspects of " The Hotel of the Future".


  • 16,000+ within the first week of launch found through organic search.
  • Increase in RFP by 15% within the first 7 months (Compared to the 7 months before launch)
  • Featured on:
    • Building Design + Construction
    • Commercial Design Executive