CRTKL Office App

Welcome to CallisonRTKL Washington, DC: CRTKL Office App


The CRTKL Office App is the easiest way to navigate to and from the CallisonRTKL office, which also includes a curated list of activities the user can do during their stay. With all this information in the palm of the user’s hands, we removed all the pre-research and calculations the user needs to make previous to their arrival creating an enjoyable and stress-less trip.



Visitors were getting lost on their way to the CallisonRTKL office.


App High-level Goals:

  • Facilitate navigation to the CallisonRTKL office.
  • Facilitate navigation within the CallisonRTKL Washington, DC office.
  • Introduce Key Office Management.



As lead designer on this project, I was responsible for:

  • Gathering user information through interviewing office visitors, HR, and new hires.
  • Develop the information architecture based on findings.
  • Designing all wireframes and prototypes for user testing.
  • Conducted lean UX testing.
  • Reiterate on findings from the user testing.
  • Developed UI styles.
  • Conducted the second round of lean UX testing.
  • Finalize design assets and gathering UI specs for development.
  • Ensured that the development timeline and launch time were on track.  



New visitors to the CallisonRTKL Washington, DC office. The user is in between 38 - 55 years of age, coming in from a domestic or international flight and in most cases coming into the city using a ride service such as Uber or Taxi.



Information Architecture & Flow

During the initial user information gathering phase, I discovered the user's frustrations and passions.

Most common frustration included not knowing what was the best method of transportation for arriving at the office, not being able to locate the main office entrance and who to contact for information on the office.

I also gathered activities the visitors like to enjoy during their travels but struggled to locate information on them or don’t have time to research.

  • Where to sleep (Hotels)
  • Where to eat (Restaurants)
  • Where to workout (Gyms and Running Paths)

Additionally, to arriving at the office, there is a Check-In protocol that was included in the app to have the user acknowledge what they need to access the office.

Below is the first wireframe and app flow.

Second Iteration of the App

After the first user testing, I discover that the users were struggling with the length it took to reach the information they were looking for and the first iteration didn’t allow much flexibility for organic search.

Below is the second iteration of the app flow.

Visual Design

The overall aesthetics of the app follows CallisonRTKL Brand Guidelines and it pushes the brand a little out of their usual style, including a friendly and casual tone to the copy and imagery showcasing people in casual situations.

Color Palette and Typography

The color palette and typography are taken from the CallisonRTKL Brand Guidelines. The green color selection is not part of the overall brand, but it created a nice harmony with the main color (blue).



This app was 90% created in InDesign for iPhone users and it’s available for private download on the CallisonRTKL site.

DC+app-06 (1).png


  • 9 out of 10 people found the app helpful and easy to navigate.
  • The success and interest from this app prompt for development of a similar app for the major CallisonRTKL offices around the world.